Mask Factory™ sell its masks to end consumers through its online store. To better manage the production capacity and stop people from snapping and speculating, we impose quota and subscription plan. Every registered customer is limited to buy 50 pieces of face mask per month. However, they can subscribe to one 3-month package or one 6-month package, by which they would receive their products every month without worrying the price and supply fluctuation.


Mask Factory™ takes special orders of bulk purchase from only approved companies and organizations. It is a rare practice for Mask Factory™ to offer bulk purchase discount. Instead, the objective of wholesaling in bulk is to help the companies and organizations in need. For example, a company is sourcing masks for its employees, or a government office is sourcing masks for the citizens.


Mask Factory™ accepts OEM orders only from approved companies, organizations and retailers. To comply with the quality standards, OEM clients shall only choose within our designated product models. We offer repackaging design service for OEM clients. Minimum order quantity applies.


Mask Factory™ also act as a consultant to help foreign investors to set up their own factories within their territories. We provide holistic franchise package including machines and raw materials procurement, melt-blown materials supply, workflow manuals and technical supports, as well as e-commerce solutions. Authorized franchisees will be producing and selling face masks under the trademark of Mask Factory™.


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