The main mode of transmission of COVID-19 is through respiratory droplets. Face mask becomes nearly a necessity to stop the transmission as well as to protect the wearer from infection.

Instead of sitting and waiting for overseas supply to fulfil the demand in Hong Kong while the global snapping has taken place, Mask Factory™ decided to stand up to produce their own masks, in a hope that more lives could be saved.

Our Story


No one can be spared from the risks in front of viruses. Every one of the people is responsible to take every possible measure to stop the transmission.
Mask Factory™ pulled in different resources, regardless to cost, to establish its first production line and started supplying masks to the public within 40 days.

If you are also looking for the supply of masks to help
the people, let’s talk and see if we can work out something together.


Mask Factory™ focuses on the production of 3-ply face masks and N95 respirators. We examined fabrics from multiple suppliers to develop our unique mask products. To strike the balance between cost and protection for different needs of customers, our variations of product range from different virus filtration rate, fluid resistance level and air filtration rate. The development of N95 respirator is in progress.

The quality of the filter layer – melt-blown fabric – is crucial for virus filtration efficiency. Therefore, we are setting up our own melt-blown production line to ensure the quality and supply.


Mask Factory™ produces masks in its clean room which has passed ISO-14644-1 Class 8 standards. In order to comply with International & European Medical Face Mask Management System & Product Testing requirements, Mask Factory is now implementing ISO13485, CE & related requirements (application of certificates in progress).

Note: ISO13485 and CE certificate pending.


Mask manufacturer and manufacturing consultant based in Hong Kong.

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